About ConBrio

We help investment managers to establish and run regulated investment funds, which allows investors to access their particular investment expertise.

We think we’re a little different from the traditional, volume driven ACD service provider. Whilst we’re absolutely focused on our important regulatory role as ACD, we’re focused too on helping our investment management partners to grow. That said, we never forget the investors in the funds we look after, whose interests we’re here to protect.

If you’re an investment manager considering establishing a regulated fund or funds, please get in touch.

  • An ACD partner to independent investment managers
  • Providing access to market-leading third-party providers
  • Allowing investment managers to concentrate on what they do best
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Looking for a Fund?

We currently provide ACD services to investment managers, Castlefield Investment Partners LLP and Sanford DeLand Asset Management Limited, working with each of them to provide a range of funds to suit their investors’ needs. Find out more by visiting their respective pages linked below.

Castlefield Investment Partners LLP (CIP)

Sanford DeLand Asset Management Limited (SDL)