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Who Are We?

We’re ConBrio, a key business partner to independent investment managers.

Our story began in 2016, when we were asked to take on the role of Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) for two high quality investment managers, following the withdrawal of the existing provider from the market. We thought, why not?

Starting with a blank piece of paper, we’ve been able to build a business which is nimble, innovative and responsive to our clients’ needs. We’ve grown quite a lot since our early days, because we’ve focused on supporting the growth of our existing clients, rather than on chasing market share. We want to keep growing, but smoothly and in a controlled way, and, whilst we’re happy to consider adding new investment management clients to our model, we’re clear that it won’t be at the expense of risking what we’ve already built.

We’re not a ‘run of the mill’ ACD...

  • We’ve partnered with other expert service providers, bringing together a team of financial services professionals, delivering a value-for-money package, both to our investment management clients and to our underlying investors.

  • We’re fans of active engagement, whether that’s between ourselves and our clients or at the level of investment managers and their investments. We’d like to help any new clients to fulfill their stewardship and engagement activities and if they also want to focus on responsible and sustainable investment then that’s fine with us too.

  • Being part of an employee-owned group makes us alert to the benefits of collaboration and partnership, so we’re confident that if we’re right for each other you’ll notice that we immediately ‘click’.

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