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We provide ACD services to investment managers, Castlefield Investment Partners LLP and Sanford DeLand Asset Management Limited, working with each of them to provide a range of funds to suit investors’ needs. Find out more by visiting their respective pages linked below.

Castlefield Investment Partners LLP (CIP)

CIP acts as the investment adviser (i.e., investment manager) to a range of collective investment funds, each one constituted as a sub-fund of either the CFP Castlefield Funds or CFP Castlefield Portfolio Funds umbrella open-ended investment companies or OEICs.

Managed by a dedicated investment management team, each fund is configured to deliver a specific investment objective. The team utilises a proprietary B.E.S.T responsible investment process, which is supplemented with a sustainable approach to investment.

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Sanford DeLand Asset Management Limited (SDL)

Sanford DeLand Asset Management Limited (SDL)

SDL was established in March 2010, by Keith Ashworth-Lord, supported by a group of like-minded business professionals, with a view to launching the CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund. Today, the fund sits alongside the CFP SDL Free Spirit Fund; both being sub-funds of the CFP Sanford DeLand umbrella OEIC.

The funds managed by SDL’s team adhere to the philosophy of Business Perspective Investing, widely acknowledged as being based on one of the most successful long term investment strategies, a variant of which is most famously pursued by Warren Buffett and other disciples of Benjamin Graham.

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